Your wastewater services

Every day, right across the region, we're flushing the loo, emptying the sink, using the washing machine and putting the dishwasher on and all that used water has to go somewhere. We collect 1,271 million litres of it ( now that's a lot), every day, then take it along 72,000 kilometres of pipes and sewers to our 580 wastewater treatment works, before returning it to the rivers and sea. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it - and we're more than happy to, after all number twos are our number one priority!

Know what to flush

You might think anything goes when it comes to what goes down the toilet - but it really doesn't! You could be storing up a big problem so the rule is only flush the three ps - pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Happy days!

Avoid a blockage

Think before you pour

That bit of grease from the roasting pan, the leftover food on the plate you rinse under the tap - it all adds up. Find out why it's so important to think a bit more before you pour...

Discover why

Bathing waters

The North West is home to some of the country's cleanest bathing waters. Find out how we're working to keep our beaches beautiful

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