Difficulty paying your bill?

If you're having trouble paying your bill, please give us a call on 0800 072 6765. We won't judge and we won't preach - instead you'll get a friendly ear from the team who are specially trained to handle sensitive issues and are dedicated to getting you back on track.

We'll put together a package of support based around your personal circumstances. We've explained more about some of the ways we can help below.

  Choose some support where you need it most.
Ladder Back on Track (fomerly know as the Support Tariff) - if you're behind with your water bills and on benefits, we can get you straight by putting you on a fixed amount, depending on your circumstances.
 Piggy bank Help to pay – if you’re receiving Pension Credit and behind with your bills, we might be able to offer you a rate which better suits you. It will depend on your circumstances and be based on your income and outgoings.
Pound signs Payment matching – if you’ve built up a lot of debt, for every £1 you pay we’ll match it with £1 to get it paid off twice as fast. After six months, for every £1 you pay, we'll pay £2 until you've paid off what you owe.
coins Restart – if you’re in real financial difficulty, you could qualify for a one-off payment from our Trust Fund to help clear your debts and start afresh.
 Waterdrop Water Direct – if you're on benefits, we can make it easier for you to budget for your bills by applying to the Department for Work and Pensions to pay your bill direct from your benefits.
waterdrop Help for customers with a water meter – if you have a water meter and receive benefits, and use a lot of water due to ill health or having a large family, our WaterSure scheme caps your annual bill, regardless of how much water you use.

Please call us, even if you think you're not eligible for these schemes, as we have lots of ways we can help. We really do understand that making ends meet can be stressful sometimes so please speak to us if you're struggling to pay your bill on 0800 072 6765 - the sooner you call the quicker we can help.

FREE independent advice to help tackle your debt

PayPlan, StepChange and National Debtline all provide FREE advice to help you tackle all your debt problems, not just water. They have experts on hand via free helplines and have a range of online tools you can use for free to create debt action plans personal to your specific circumstances. Why not visit their websites to see how they can help?

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